Resort 2017: Sonia by Sonia Rykiel

If you want to know what we’re wearing in 2016, you don’t have to look any further than Sonia Rykiel’s eponymous collection for Resort. Some designers are naturally retro. Some force themselves to be “fashion forward’ and hit the next trend before it arrives. And some are perfectly content–especially when it comes to the off cycle collections like Resort and Prefall, where the clothes sit in stores for far longer than Fall and Spring, to be just solidly now.


She even sets the stage to feel of the moment, with models artfully draping themselves over musical equipment, like hipster girls in their own garage rock band, making hippie indie music to become the next staple on your Pandora station or the next promoted for you act on Spotify. one can almost hear the lazy minor key bass heavy song they’ll be producing from this session, as they sport little button down sweaters, miniskirts with obvious zippers and the occasional hideous and ill-considered jumpsuit.

The full collection is below. We recommend looking at it while listening to Phantogram, or something similar.

01-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 02-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 03-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 04-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 05-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 06-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 07-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 08-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 09-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 10-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 11-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 12-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 13-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 14-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 15-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 16-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 17-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 18-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 19-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 20-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017 21-Sonia-Rykiel-Resort-2017



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