Star Trek: Beyond Gets Retooled Trailer

Paramount must be very nervous about how things were going to be received. After holding out at CinemaCon completely last month, Star Trek: Beyond‘s second trailer finally has arrived. Dropped in the middle of the night on a Friday, where all newsdumps go to die, this new introduction to the third installment of the franchise has been heavily retooled in where it emphasizes the story going.

It’s a good retooling, for the record. The problem is that those “Fast and Furious In Space” elements are still there, lurking around the edges of the trailers peripheral vision, waiting to ambush you if you turn your head too fast.

And I’m sure there’s also too much “funny Simon Pegg as Scotty” for most people’s taste, but what do you expect? He did *write* the damn script after all. And perhaps the humor is the only thing that can save this ship….oh wait, no, it crashed. No saving the ship. Righto then!


One thought

  1. Well, it looks like the old days of out-thinking a problem are gone. Go faster and shot harder are the way now.


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