Resort 2017: Etro

Collections for the Resort season are usually on the smaller side. Twenty or so looks, capsule collections that seem to always fall on the more commercial side of the line than the fanciful or arty one.

Some designers do go overboard of course, Over at Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, who never designed a collection he didn’t think he could add 10 extra looks to, always puts out over 50 outfits. But it’s the ones who pair way back, like Etro and their 8 easy pieces, that caught our attention.


Veronica Etro, the creative director of this family owned and operated label, when to India for her inspiration. The resulting looks manage to be finely detailed and thoroughly worked, while looking as light and airy as any summer garment you would want.

The rest of the collection is below.

02-etro-resort-17 03-etro-resort-17 04-etro-resort-17 05-etro-resort-17 06-etro-resort-17 07-etro-resort-17 08-etro-resort-17


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