Resort 2017: Fendi

Fendi–aka Karl Lagerfeld’s other-other brand, the one where he gets to play with the more controversial fabrics, like real fur, while keeping Chanel out of any such contentious issues. It’s also his place to be more experimental–louder colors, less staid silhouettes, and above all, smaller collections.

But Fendi is known for accessories more than the clothes themselves, and that’s a fact that Lagerfeld never seems to forget. Though some of the outfits do stand on their own (and one or two are quite lovely), many seem to be there in support of the bags, coats and shoes, and not the other way around.


Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as the saying goes. The shoes are to die for, and the bags are all on point. Some of the coats–especially the non-covered with dead animal skins ones–are over the top. But to focus on that, and not the outfits themselves, which are supposedly the point of the exercise can make a collection like this feel superfluous, or worse, like throwaways.

Thank heavens then, that Lagerfeld does decide by the back half of the collection to go more experimental with the dresses. Sometimes it works, like with the closing outfits and their stain glass window-like embroidered circular images. Other times it feels recycled, or the proportions are painfully off (Those one long sleeve dresses desperately look as if they wish the sleeve would stop weighing them down for example.) But at least they feel like they are worth looking at, unlike the foray into athleisurewear, which looks like the model is still wearing what she arrived in, which she got at Khols.

The full collection is below.

02-fendi-resort-17 03-fendi-resort-17 04-fendi-resort-17 05-fendi-resort-17 06-fendi-resort-17 07-fendi-resort-17 08-fendi-resort-17 09-fendi-resort-17 10-fendi-resort-17 11-fendi-resort-17 12-fendi-resort-17 13-fendi-resort-17 14-fendi-resort-17 15-fendi-resort-17 16-fendi-resort-17 17-fendi-resort-17 18-fendi-resort-17 19-fendi-resort-17 20-fendi-resort-17 21-fendi-resort-17 22-fendi-resort-17 23-fendi-resort-17 24-fendi-resort-17 25-fendi-resort-17 26-fendi-resort-17 27-fendi-resort-17 28-fendi-resort-17 29-fendi-resort-17 30-fendi-resort-17 31-fendi-resort-17 32-fendi-resort-17 33-fendi-resort-17 34-fendi-resort-17 35-fendi-resort-17 36-fendi-resort-17



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