Project Runway to Run Through End of Decade

Rejoice, those who still watch and love Project Runway. Lifetime has made a huge commitment to continue to air the show, and it’s two successful spin offs, through the end of the decade.

According to reports from Deadline, Lifetime has renewed the flagship show, Project Runway proper, for Season 16 through 18. Season 15 is slated to air this coming July. This renewal will carry the show through the 2019-2020 season, and the end of the decade.

project runway 2015

This renewal proves the promise that fighting Bravo for the show back ten years ago was worth it for Lifetime. Before ProjRun, Lifetime was the home of bad movies, and the poster child of the patriarchal insult of what women wanted for a television channel. Since getting Project Runway as a staple, and making it a nine month affair, Lifetime has branched out, and even scored the BBC’s And Then There Were None this past winter over PBS and BBC America, and will be part of the conglomerate doing the simulcast airing Roots this weekend. And as Deadline notes, the show is still bringing in the ratings, not to mention dependable Emmy nominations every year: “The most recent Season 14 finale last fall drew 2.52 million viewers in Live+same day and delivered some of the show’s best numbers in target demos in two years”


But that’s not all! The first of the successful Project Runway‘s spin offs, Project Runway: All Stars, (or, if not exactly All Stars, at least Project Runway: Contestants You Already Know) has also been renewed. All Stars will get two more seasons. Season 6 will air in the Spring of 2017 and Season 7 in the Spring of 2018. PR: AS Season 5 ended only a couple of weeks ago, with Dom Streater taking the win.

The second of Project Runway‘s successful spin offs, Project Runway: Junior, was also renewed.  For years, the production has struggled to come up with a third spin-off that could ride between ProjRun and PR:AS. They’ve tried everything from Project Runway: Accessories, to a The Voice like competition with mentors, called Project Runway: Under The Gunn, to attempting to do two seasons of ProjRun with PR:AS airing between them. PR:Jr is the show’s second foray into doing a younger version of the competition, after Project Runway: Threads proved to go well, but the different set of contestants every week confused the viewers. PR:Jr was the first spin-off since PR:AS to get a second season renewal for the 2016-2017 season when it ran last winter. Now it has been renewed further, for a third season, to run during the 2017-2018 winter slot.


With all this success, Lifetime is also taking an additional chance on a fourth production from The Weinstein Company. Called Fashion Inc, the show currently doesn’t have the “Project Runway” tag as part of the title, but that could change. (Both Threads and Under The Gunn were not branded with “Project Runway” when they started, and that changed by the second episode for each.) The current description for the show is as follows: “The series is described as the “Shark Tank” of the fashion world. Set in New York City’s fashion district, the show features fashion and beauty entrepreneurs who are competing to land funds from a panel of expert investors to help grow their companies.” 

Whether the plan is for Fashion Inc to run back to back with one of the other successful ProjRun shows, or as a fourth show to sit between PR:AS and ProjRunfrom May to July (the only time of year Lifetime does not currently have a Project Runway branded show airing) is not clear at this time. What is clear though is we’ll be making it work for years to come.


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