Resort 2017: Roberto Cavallli

For the Resort season, Roberto Cavalli continues to insist that he is making hippie clothes for the high-end festival goer, like he’s completely unaware that most high-end festival goers buy their gear from Etsy. Still the mistaken impression does him some good–those who have never stepped foot in a festival of any sort in their life, and would probably die from shock the first time they had to take a sun shower do have an option of wearing outfits that those around them who have never been to a festival either would mistake for “hippie festival goer” clothing.

True festival goers of course, could not afford a single piece of this collection, but that’s neither here nor there. These are clothes for the rebellious early 20 something who might wish to believe she was the sort of person who goes to Cochella, because she went for a couple of hours and then went backstage, got in her limo and went home to her comfy bed. They also appeal to mother of the same, most of whom are in their mid forties and want to recapture the hippie vibe that was trending twenty years ago, even if they didn’t partake of it much the first time around (or the second time around. The 2016 hippie trend is the third cycle, from 1970s to 1990s to today.)


The resulting pairings–many photographed together in the collection–sometimes work and sometimes don’t. In many cases we have what we see above. High end patchworked jeans to die for, paired with a not really everyday application cloak. And that’s the better outfit, compared to the oversized, overprinted, overmaxi’d tent on the right.

The outfits are better served every time they are based in a world of denim, hippie skirts and rugged clothing that could survive a few wearings. The more fringed pieces–some of which border on offensive, as the Italian designer still does not seem to have heard of the term “cultural appropriation”–are much larger misses. But of course, the pieces you’ll actually see in the real world are the beaded near-naked evening gowns at the end, which look like Rihanna, or a high-end wealthy white girl who wants to be Rihanna in the worst way–was the intended client.

The full collection is below.

02-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 03-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 04-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 05-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 06-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 07-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 08-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 09-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 10-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 11-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 12-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 13-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 14-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 15-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 16-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 17-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 18-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 19-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 20-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 21-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 22-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 23-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 24-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 25-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 26-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 27-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 28-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 29-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 30-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 31-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 32-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 33-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 34-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 35-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 36-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 37-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 38-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 39-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 40-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 41-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 42-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 43-roberto-cavalli-resort-17 44-roberto-cavalli-resort-17




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