Elijah Wood Starts Filming BBC America’s Dirk Gently Series

While I was distracted these past few months, I apparently completely missed that:

  1. BBC America confirmed the new Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency series.
  2. It will begin airing as part of the 2016-2017 slate this autumn
  3. It stars Elijah Wood as Gently’s assistant Todd!
  4. Samuel Barnett of Penny Dreadful will play the titular detective.

barnett dirk gently

Filming has just gotten underway (in Vancouver, natch.) According to Anglophenia (the blog dedicated to BBC America):

Penned by Max Landis and from the producers of The Walking Dead, the series is a comedic thriller that follows the bizarre adventures of eccentric “holistic” detective Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett) and his reluctant assistant Todd (Elijah Wood). The series is an adaptation of Douglas Adams’ (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) wildly successful comic novels, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and is set in the unexpected world of the hyper, absurd, eponymous detective.

I have to say, I am very excited about this development. The last time the BBC attempted to bring this “other” series by Douglas Adams to life was back around 2010 on BBC4, and it didn’t go so well. Let’s hope BBC America can make a go of it.


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