Steve Moffat leaves Doctor Who After Christmas 2017

Moffat announced his departure from Doctor Who early and often–and a little bit unexpectedly–this past January. Now the BBC is making sure we know that he’s not only staying though the end of Season 10, but the corresponding Christmas Special as well.

This month’s issue of Doctor Who Magazine confirms Moffat as on for the Christmas special in 2017. This matters a lot to fans–not only those who are sad at losing Moffat. (There must be some somewhere.) But also for fans of Capaldi, who has not changed his stance so far on leaving when Moffat does, rather than attempt to continue the role under a new showrunner. That’s despite all attempts by the BBC to convince him that staying on would be a good idea.


Having Moffat through the end of 2017 means we will have a full year of Capaldi in the role to look forward to, starting with this year’s Christmas special.

Speaking of this year’s Christmas special, it was assumed that is where we will also meet his newest companion, Bill. Capaldi is tempering those expectations though. Apparently the story with the companion is “very specific.”


 “I don’t know whether [the new companion] would be involved in the Christmas special, because it’s so specific, the story we’re doing with the companion.”

The wording has always been that the companion is joining for “Season 10,” so it very well might be that the Christmas special, which will also be the only Doctor Who episode airing in 2016, may be a one off or with a recurring guest star, like the 2015 Christmas special was with River Song.

Other notes for this coming season–Michelle Gomez confirmed last week she will also be back for Season 10, which means we will once again have the Scottish on Scottish Doctor and Master action that we all love so much. Speaking at MegaCon, she confirmed it…and then instantly regretted doing so.


“I can say that I will be doing the next season.

…and that was a massive spoiler and now I’m sacked.”

I gotta say, if she also leaves with Capaldi at the end of 2017 I will be very sad. Meanwhile, she’s hoping Captain Jack shows up so she can have a little fun. Hey! Perhaps John Barrowman can finally have his dream of returning to the series after all….



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