Resort 2017: Gucci

Mere hours after Dior’s unnecessary trip to London to début their “Cruise” season collection, Alessandro Michele of Gucci also held a “destination” runway event in the same place. Well, nearly the same place., Where Dior was settled in a country estate fit for Earls and Dukes, Gucci decided that they were worth nothing less than royalty and rented out the historical Westminster Abbey.

A former Cathedral that has had a church standing in that location since the time of the Normal invasion, and the current one since the 1500s, this is a place that has been the site of historical events of crownings of kings and queens and marriages of the same as well. The level of one upmanship was hard to miss. And that’s before one gets to the clothes.


Michele certainly had a lot to say when it came to this collection, with was a Lagerfeld-esque 95 strong, and featured both men and women’s look intermingled. The theme was simple: an Italian’s dream of UK culture. The results were beyond striking, with pieces that referenced all the way back to pre-WW II era straight through to Doctor Who, the Beatles, punk jeans, tartans, Thatcher era printed silk frocks, Spice Grrrrrrl wear, EDM rave inspired separates and everything else in between. And of course, there were references to the weather everyone, as the giant appliques rained cats and dogs.

Despite the homage to the UK, Michele made it a point to emphasize the closeness of his only Italian house and that of the England, telling anyone who would listen that the UK is part of the greatness of European culture in a plea to those assembled not to do the economically disastrous thing of voting for the Brexit later this month. it seemed though that he was preaching to the choir when it came to all that. The design world of London knows what’s economically sound for their businesses and many echo’d how good for everyone it would be if they remained a unified Europe. here’s hoping.

Ninety-five is a *lot* of looks, and though there were not out-and-out repeats like a Lagerfeld show, we’ve still condensed them to a solid sixty-four, below.

gucci_resort_2017_02 gucci_resort_2017_03 gucci_resort_2017_05 gucci_resort_2017_06 gucci_resort_2017_07 gucci_resort_2017_08 gucci_resort_2017_09 gucci_resort_2017_10 gucci_resort_2017_11 gucci_resort_2017_12 gucci_resort_2017_14 gucci_resort_2017_15 gucci_resort_2017_16 gucci_resort_2017_17 gucci_resort_2017_18 gucci_resort_2017_23 gucci_resort_2017_24 gucci_resort_2017_25 gucci_resort_2017_26 gucci_resort_2017_27 gucci_resort_2017_30 gucci_resort_2017_33 gucci_resort_2017_34 gucci_resort_2017_35 gucci_resort_2017_36 gucci_resort_2017_37 gucci_resort_2017_38 gucci_resort_2017_41 gucci_resort_2017_42 gucci_resort_2017_44 gucci_resort_2017_45 gucci_resort_2017_46 gucci_resort_2017_47 gucci_resort_2017_48 gucci_resort_2017_51 gucci_resort_2017_52 gucci_resort_2017_53 gucci_resort_2017_55 gucci_resort_2017_57 gucci_resort_2017_58 gucci_resort_2017_59 gucci_resort_2017_60 gucci_resort_2017_62 gucci_resort_2017_63 gucci_resort_2017_64 gucci_resort_2017_68 gucci_resort_2017_69 gucci_resort_2017_70 gucci_resort_2017_75 gucci_resort_2017_80 gucci_resort_2017_81 gucci_resort_2017_82 gucci_resort_2017_83 gucci_resort_2017_84 gucci_resort_2017_85 gucci_resort_2017_87 gucci_resort_2017_88 gucci_resort_2017_89 gucci_resort_2017_90 gucci_resort_2017_91 gucci_resort_2017_92 gucci_resort_2017_93 gucci_resort_2017_95


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