John Oliver on Debt Buyers

Since we last left our hero….he took the profits of his wildly successful cable TV show, bought up nearly $15 million of medical debt held by Americas….and then forgave it.

This week’s lecture was on the concept of debt buying, and those who use it for predatory purposes. But with this gesture at the end of the show, Oliver managed to work in several of his pet issues that he’s been trying to bring to the fore. The ability of the rich to do better by their fellow men with their money. A reminder of the sheer scale and horror that our medical system has visited upon those who had the audacity to become sick when they weren’t able to afford it. Not only that, but also a reminder that the failure of Obamacare to get singlepayer means that our system is still broken. it’s just that we managed to get said broke system to cover over 90% of the population, which was far more than it was doing before.

For the record, this is officially the largest giveaway in American TV history. It puts Oprah and her cars to shame.


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