Resort 2017: Christopher Kane

The mad dash towards runway shows continued this week. Most small time designers are happy to ignore the tradition, but as the bigger names keep insisting on it, some of the smaller begin to wobble towards doing them  as well–even if they can’t even really afford a venue or to go abroad.

That’s what happened with Christopher Kane who seems to have split the difference between the runway production and the small intimate gathering of photos being passed around the fashion writer crowd in the studio. Hold the runway in the studio in front of the fashion writer crowd! It will be intimate!


Of course, holding the show in the studio also meant it couldn’t be a very large one, since there’s just not that much room. Not that resort usually has much more than 25-30 outfits in a collection, but 19 is a little on the thinner side. But it also worked–the man was looking for a way to stand out in the crowd and the violent violets that adorned his floral collection just weren’t really going to be all that enough. The fact is , I’ve never covered a Christopher Kan e show before, because they’ve never been interesting enough to catch my attention. So at least in that regard, he succeeded.

Did he do enough to compete with the rest of the runway shows in this off-season? Not even close. If it wasn’t for the runway production, this is a collection that wouldn’t be looked twice at. But as Resort evolves in this manner, we’re sure to see a few more second- and third-rate collections accidentally elevated beyond their deserved level of attention and placed along side the larger names hell-bent on making this a third runway season.

The rest of the collection, such as it is, is below.

02-christopher-kane-resort-17 03-christopher-kane-resort-17 04-christopher-kane-resort-17 05-christopher-kane-resort-17 06-christopher-kane-resort-17 07-christopher-kane-resort-17 08-christopher-kane-resort-17 09-christopher-kane-resort-17 10-christopher-kane-resort-17 11-christopher-kane-resort-17 12-christopher-kane-resort-17 13-christopher-kane-resort-17 14-christopher-kane-resort-17 15-christopher-kane-resort-17 16-christopher-kane-resort-17 17-christopher-kane-resort-17 18-christopher-kane-resort-17 19-christopher-kane-resort-17


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