Resort 2017: Rosie Assoulin

A year ago, Assoulin got her name on the fashion map with a win at the CFDAs. It didn’t take long for the fashion world to go all in on her slightly out there, and fun over the top design work. Assoulin had always been there, doing her thing. It was just a matter of the rest of the world sitting up and taking notice.

Nowadays, Assoulin finds herself and her collections next to other household names like Michael Kors and Zach Posen. She’s still an up and comer though, and therefore didn’t try to turn Resort into anything other than the standard photographed collection of looks the off-season has traditionally trucked in. The difference is, she made her photos look fun.


Assoulin also has mastered the trick of combining a retro look with the leading edge of the trend and the over the top futurist look to create looks that feel as if they are exactly where fashion is supposed to be heading, without ever actually alienating her clientele. In this collection, she hitched right onto that southern gothic look that Beyoncé brought to the fore in her Lemonade special, mixed with with a hard dash of 1970s faded rainbow hippie style, and few pairs of paints that seemed to have been shipped back from the military circa 2045, and wound up with something that any fashionista would want to shop in order to find staples for the rest of 2016, if not beyond.

She claimed not to have been able to see the full story of her collection until it was all arrayed before her. Good thing the rest of us are right in tune with what she’s bringing to our present.

The full line is below.  Excuse me while I try to figure out which one’s I want to get for myself.

02-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 03-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 04-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 05-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 06-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 07-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 08-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 09-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 10-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 11-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 12-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 13-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 14-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 15-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 16-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 17-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 18-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 19-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 20-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 21-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 22-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 23-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 24-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 25-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 26-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 27-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 28-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 29-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 30-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 31-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 32-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 33-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 34-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 35-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 36-rosie-assoulin-resort-17 37-rosie-assoulin-resort-17


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