Tunes for Tuesday: Leslie Odom feat Daveed Diggs “Good For You”

Let’s be upfront about this. The original version of this song, sung by Selena Gomez, with a rap breakdown by A$AP Rocky, is godawful. Excruciating, in fact. It’s everything wrong with messages to girl about their sexuality–that they should ascribe to a relationship where their entire goal is to look for a man. And then even worse, it’s a track that goes nowhere. it just sort of limply croons along dripping listlessly, and just as you think the song might kick in, or you know, do something, it ends. (Also, can someone explain A$AP Rocky to me? Have we reached a point where we can no longer distinguish good rappers from bad?)

Anyway, so when I was told that Leslie Odom–he of Aaron Burr and Hamilton fame, has put out a cover of the track, I was highly skeptical. Even with a promise of costar Daveed Diggs–he of Layfette/Jefferson and Hamilton fame–doing a much better rap breakdown, hope seemed slim.

Then I listened to it.

I’ll take an entire album of these, once the two leave the show post-Tonys. Please and thank you.



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