Peter Capaldi Hints We’re Not Done With Clara Yet

Last season of Doctor Who ended in what might be the best way a companion has left in the history of the show–with her own TARDIS and her own companion, and her own racing around the universe through all of time and space, instead of being a good girl and going directly home like she should. For many, it was the closest thing to a female Doctor there’s ever been, and all we could say as the series ended was “But can’t she come back?”

But Coleman has her own series to anchor over on ITV as the lead role in Victoria. And her companion, Maisie Williams, has her own day job in a  different fantasy series as well. Between that and the erasing of her from the Doctor’s mind, it seemed like Clara and her American shaped diner TARDIS would have to fly in our imaginations only.

Me and Clara Oswald in the TARDIS

Or….would she? At AwesomeCon this weekend, Capaldi let slip something that suggests very highly that in fact that might not be the case.

Jenna Coleman was also on hand at the convention, and when asked about her, Capaldi said the following:

“I’m not sure how successfully Clara was able to wipe his mind. In fact, I just did a … I was about to tell you something I can’t tell you now.”

He added: “I just shot something that… Clara was still there…”


But don’t get too excited you guys. Doctor Who Season 10 isn’t actually filming yet. They’re not even filming the Christmas special for 2016. What is filming? Class, the Doctor Who spin-off that’s technically relegated to the online only BBC 3, but BBC 1 has promised to run a few times in order to get everyone’s attention. Class is set at Cole Hill School, where Clara was a teacher for the last two series of Doctor Who,  (Basically, it’s Buffy, set in the Whoniverse.) So it would only make sense that the pilot episode would feature the Doctor, in one of his many visits to the school in between episodes, and the lovely English teacher Ms. Oswald as well. (Capaldi and Coleman cameos would also be why BBC 1 is keen to air it themselves.)

And considering this is a time travel show, it could easily be set before Ms. Oswald takes off in her own malfunctioning TARDIS for good.  But we can keep hoping that Moffat’s final season will at least feature one dual TARDIS adventure, no?


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