Resort 2017: Jonathan Simkhai

Jonathan Simkhai has only been on the scene since 2010, when he launched his eponymous fashion line out of the CFDA’s “fashion incubator.” It took a few years to get up to speed on presentations, but by 2014 he had reached the point where he was releasing not only Fall and Spring, but also Resort and PreFall along with everyone else.

This year marks a new milestone–the release of his first evening wear collection. Some designers–like Christian Siriano, or Zac Posen–start out doing evening wear only, and have to learn to make practical every day designs, usually with mixed results. Simkhai started out making clothing that functioned as practical workhorses, and is now only trying his hand at the impractical things, a much easier transition if there ever was one.


The resulting collection is one filled with fantastic day wear that gives way to the sort of bangled and spangled not-fully there gowns that bedecked hard bodied pop stars on every red carpet. But Simkhai, who has always been on the softer feminine edge, brings a fairy tale softness to what might otherwise be a line of hardened second-rate Murad looks. Jourdan Dunn stood out on the red carpet at the CFDAs this year in one of his creations for good reason. That gown, and its brothers and sisters fill out the back half of these 24 looks.

Since day wear is where Simkhai is most comfortable, those evening looks also contain more than one pair of fantasy pants. That’s not something you see much of on the red carpet, and if nothing else, making sure there are always a couple of outfits that fill that neglected niche could guarantee that Simkhai is a name we see on red carpets as a matter of routine as quickly as his collections did.

The full line is below.

2-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 3-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 4-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 5-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 7-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 6-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 8-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 9-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 10-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 11-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 12-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 13-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 14-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 15-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 16-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 17-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 18-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 19-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 20-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 21-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 22-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 23-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17 24-jonathan-simkhai-resort-17


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