Resort 2017: Marchesa

Anyone who has watched Project Runway: All Stars knows that there are certain realms of modern fashion that Georgina Chapman just does not get. The look of modern streetwear for instance. Hiphop styling. Rock and roll. These are not the things that our fairy tale princess wear designer dabbles in.

So when the first thing I heard about her new collection is that it was going to be clubwear, my eyebrows might have risen to my hairline in disbelief. After all, Chapman barely does pants.


Not to worry, it’s not *that* sort of club wear. Not unless the clubs one is heading to have the word “country” in them. Heck, even those “country clubs” have modernized past these sort of looks. Perhaps the “club” she was thinking of was the even more old school type–the kind patronized by the graduates of Eton and Oxford, some of whom haven’t even considered letting a woman set foot inside, and would have to quietly hide the evidence of even more embarrassing rules should the President of the United States wished to stop in.

No, the truth of the matter is that Chapman might claim that she was inspired by clubs of the 1950s when men were still Humphrey Bogart and women Grace Kelly, but these are not any sort of club anything, and certainly not in 2016. To pretend so would be silly. It’s a Marchesa collection, exactly as you would expect it to be, filled with over the top evening wear and gowns worth sighing over that would be too dressy for nearly any club event–even ones that Kate Middleton might attend.

No, the only club that Chapman designs for is Club Fairy Princess, and these designs fall into that designation accordingly. The full line of fantasy gowns and debutante wear is below.

02-marchesa-resort-17 03-marchesa-resort-17 04-marchesa-resort-17 05-marchesa-resort-17 06-marchesa-resort-17 07-marchesa-resort-17 08-marchesa-resort-17 09-marchesa-resort-17 10-marchesa-resort-17 11-marchesa-resort-17 12-marchesa-resort-17 13-marchesa-resort-17 14-marchesa-resort-17 15-marchesa-resort-17 16-marchesa-resort-17 17-marchesa-resort-17 18-marchesa-resort-17 19-marchesa-resort-17 20-marchesa-resort-17 21-marchesa-resort-17 22-marchesa-resort-17 23-marchesa-resort-17 24-marchesa-resort-17 25-marchesa-resort-17 26-marchesa-resort-17 27-marchesa-resort-17 28-marchesa-resort-17 29-marchesa-resort-17


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