Resort 2017: Marc Jacobs

How can the 80s be back if they never go away? Sometimes it seems like designers just get stuck trying to reinvent a decade that was tacky as hell to begin with. For years it seems like that was the 60s–growing up everyone was always reinventing part of the 60s, either the part before the hippies showed up or the part after the hippies showed up, but either way it was like they failed to move on from it after a while. (Then the 90s happened and now everyone does the 60s by way of the 90s. It’s very meta.)

Nothing like the 90s happening to the 60s has happened to the 80s yet though–unfortunately. So instead of funhouse mirroring ourselves back to an era that is rapidly becomes “history before I was born” to a generation of millennials (much like the 60s was to me!), we’re still get unadulterated 80s panache from designers who really should perhaps start mining something else by now.


This brings us to Marc Jacobs, another designer who split the difference this week when it comes to walking a runway presentation for Resort. He, like some others, did a full line (54 looks in all) and a runway presentation. But he did it in studio–luckily his studio is big enough to accommodate a full on production.

As for the eyesore 80s clothing….it’s the this sort of collection that millennials will see that will make them believe that during the 80s people wore nothing but the tackiest of looks and all of us had our hair fried to the ceiling and taste was mostly out the window and up our noses with the cocaine. (Ok, maybe that last part is semi-true.) But in terms of pieces people will actually wear? (Remember, this is Resort, which sits in the stores for the longest part of the year until the Spring looks for 2018 arrive in September.) These are not clothes. These are bordering when not crossing directly into Halloween costumes. This is not fashion forward, nor will it succeed in causing the 2010s to become the decade that takes the 80s through the funhouse mirror. (Though I’m sure MTV appreciates their original logo being brought back into vogue.) In that sense, this is a line that should be saved for Spring or Fall runways, once again blurring the lines more of what Resort is really for.

The rest of the line is below. I advise sunglasses.

02-marc-jacobs-resort-17 03-marc-jacobs-resort-17 04-marc-jacobs-resort-17 05-marc-jacobs-resort-17 06-marc-jacobs-resort-17 07-marc-jacobs-resort-17 08-marc-jacobs-resort-17 09-marc-jacobs-resort-17 10-marc-jacobs-resort-17 11-marc-jacobs-resort-17 12-marc-jacobs-resort-17 13-marc-jacobs-resort-17 14-marc-jacobs-resort-17 15-marc-jacobs-resort-17 16-marc-jacobs-resort-17 17-marc-jacobs-resort-17 18-marc-jacobs-resort-17 19-marc-jacobs-resort-17 20-marc-jacobs-resort-17 21-marc-jacobs-resort-17 22-marc-jacobs-resort-17 23-marc-jacobs-resort-17 24-marc-jacobs-resort-17 25-marc-jacobs-resort-17 26-marc-jacobs-resort-17 27-marc-jacobs-resort-17 28-marc-jacobs-resort-17 29-marc-jacobs-resort-17 30-marc-jacobs-resort-17 31-marc-jacobs-resort-17 32-marc-jacobs-resort-17 33-marc-jacobs-resort-17 34-marc-jacobs-resort-17 35-marc-jacobs-resort-17 36-marc-jacobs-resort-17 37-marc-jacobs-resort-17 38-marc-jacobs-resort-17 39-marc-jacobs-resort-17 40-marc-jacobs-resort-17 41-marc-jacobs-resort-17 42-marc-jacobs-resort-17 43-marc-jacobs-resort-17 44-marc-jacobs-resort-17 45-marc-jacobs-resort-17 46-marc-jacobs-resort-17 47-marc-jacobs-resort-17 48-marc-jacobs-resort-17 49-marc-jacobs-resort-17 50-marc-jacobs-resort-17 51-marc-jacobs-resort-17 52-marc-jacobs-resort-17 53-marc-jacobs-resort-17 54-marc-jacobs-resort-17



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