John Oliver on the Orlando Shooting

Last night’s Last Week Tonight had the deep dive on retirement plans and the growing crisis of those who have not been able to save for retirement as the GOP cuts the social safety net out from under them. We have that video below, but first we should talk about the Orlando Nightclub shooting.

This was Oliver’s opening segment. HBO clearly didn’t realize it would be the bigger viral hit of the episode, because it’s not up in an official capacity on YouTube (yet.) That’s because Oliver called an emergency filming session and went in and taped it Sunday morning, after the rest of the show had been taped days before (the lack of audience should clue everyone in.)

The attack on the Orlando gay nightclub, Pulse, left 50 dead, and 53 injured. It is being called the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

And as a bonus, because we need something funny this morning: John Oliver on Hillary and Trump’s Twitter war.

I think the best thing to be said on that is that it’s also genius because, since Trump composes all his own tweets, this “war” is consuming some part of his waking mind at all times. Hillary, on the other hand, who employs a staff of millennials to man her social media, doesn’t even know it’s happening, until it turns up in Politico.


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