Resort 2017: Moschino

Jeremy Scott finally got serious over at Moschino. Well, serious for Moschino, anyway. Season after season, the collections Scott has put out have been gimmick upon gimmick. From evening gowns with covered with the Moschino name stylized to resemble to Coca-Cola brand, to a catwalk of Spongebob daywear, to last year’s straight outta the package Barbie collection, Moschino is always telling elaborate jokes with his runways.

So when it was announced he too would join the group of resort wear collections putting on full runway presentations, the only question was what would the joke be this time? Instead what we got was not only a seriously fun collection, but a serious way to make having a runway presentation for resort make sense.


The theme was still playful, over the top and colorful–an ode to psychedelic glamour. But it wasn’t just a Resort Collection for women. Scott combined his Resort collection (46 looks) with his Men’s Collection (21 looks.) It was a savvy move that force people to pay attention to both lines.

Even as the world of Women’s fashion has gone online and into a far more public sphere than the old guard was ready to handle, Men’s fashion has lagged behind, due to a combination of men being seen as clothes horse dandies and good old fashion sexism. Especially in this day and age when quick turn around are expected,. many times the male fashion line from a designer will basically be a companion collection to what they showed for women only a few weeks prior. That Scott chose to walk the two shows together both gave him a nice long show of outfits (67 in all), as well as bringing awareness to his men’s line. Well played.

The full collections–in the order they walked, so the men’s looks are interspersed with the women’s looks–are below.

Moschino-002 Moschino-003 Moschino-004 Moschino-005 Moschino-006 Moschino-007 Moschino-008 Moschino-009 Moschino-010 Moschino-011 Moschino-012 Moschino-013 Moschino-014 Moschino-015 Moschino-016 Moschino-017 Moschino-018 Moschino-019 Moschino-020 Moschino-021 Moschino-022 Moschino-023 Moschino-024 Moschino-025 Moschino-026 Moschino-027 Moschino-028 Moschino-029 Moschino-030 Moschino-031 Moschino-032 Moschino-033 Moschino-034 Moschino-035 Moschino-036 Moschino-037 Moschino-038 Moschino-039 Moschino-040 Moschino-041 Moschino-042 Moschino-043 Moschino-044 Moschino-045 Moschino-046 Moschino-047 Moschino-048 Moschino-049 Moschino-050 Moschino-051 Moschino-052 Moschino-053 Moschino-054 Moschino-055 Moschino-056 Moschino-057 Moschino-058 Moschino-059 Moschino-060 Moschino-061 Moschino-062 Moschino-063 Moschino-064 Moschino-065 Moschino-066 Moschino-067


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