Resort 2017: Temperley London

Both Dior and Gucci flew to the UK to present their entries for Resort season. Both houses claimed to have been inspired by UK culture and British Culture in general. But though both included looks that supposedly passed for the idea of the english rose, one has only to look at what an actual London-based designer puts out to see the real deal.

At Temperley London, Alice Temperley was perfectly happy to not play that her home base was someone exotic, or to be fetishized (though if they keep up the actual naval warfare on the Thames like their was this morning, that may change.) Instead she presented a line of summery looks–summery for London, anyway.


After all, let’s face it–the UK, and London, are the places that holiday makers are usually trying to get away from, down to warmer climates of Southern France or beyond. In London, summer does not mean all the sweaters get put away. It means you just wear thinner ones in lighter colors.

With that as the baseline of her collection, Temperley attempted to do some hippie and Native American patterning, without all that much success. Once it was pointed out the “faux south-western” styling was suddenly visible. But a nice English girl heading into the shop wouldn’t see much beyond flattering patterns and rainbow floral appliques. This is probably for the best though, since J.K. Rowling just got dragged a few months ago for co-opting Native american culture. Having two UK female artists making the same mistake back to back (despite being part of different arenas) would suggest that the arts were not paying attention, and that’s always a bad look.

The full collection is below.

02-temperley-resort-2017 03-temperley-resort-2017 04-temperley-resort-2017 05-temperley-resort-2017 06-temperley-resort-2017 07-temperley-resort-2017 08-temperley-resort-2017 09-temperley-resort-2017 10-temperley-resort-2017 11-temperley-resort-2017 12-temperley-resort-2017 13-temperley-resort-2017 14-temperley-resort-2017 15-temperley-resort-2017 16-temperley-resort-2017 17-temperley-resort-2017 18-temperley-resort-2017 19-temperley-resort-2017 20-temperley-resort-2017 21-temperley-resort-2017 22-temperley-resort-2017 23-temperley-resort-2017 24-temperley-resort-2017 25-temperley-resort-2017 26-temperley-resort-2017 27-temperley-resort-2017 28-temperley-resort-2017 29-temperley-resort-2017 30-temperley-resort-2017 31-temperley-resort-2017 32-temperley-resort-2017 33-temperley-resort-2017 34-temperley-resort-2017 35-temperley-resort-2017 36-temperley-resort-2017


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