Lin-Manuel Miranda Promises Original Hamilton Cast Video

Recording film of live stage shows with the original cast still in place is actually standard Broadway practice. But when that musical is Hamilton, and with Lin-Manuel Miranda scheduled to leave the production after the July 9th performance, getting confirmation that there will be filmed footage of it, is exciting news to fans who will never get tickets to see it.

And…as he notes in the tweet, he’ll be back to pick the role back up eventually. This, in his eyes, is just a break. He’ll be playing Hamilton for the rest of his life now.

As for what they’ll do with the footage? Well, that’s where all those stringent Actor’s Equity contracts come in. These are usually only filmed for posterity, and they go in a library where the public can’t go see them. (It sucks, but that’s really what happens.) Miranda knows it too.

Someone call their goblin contact. It’s time to stage the second successful break in to Gringott’s bank ever accomplished.

Munoz has been Miranda’s understudy and helped create the role. it was only natural that’s who they would put in the role permanently now that Miranda’s taking a break.

and after Munoz plays the role?

Now….about getting the show made into a movie….and performed on NBC live….. We should wait too long guys. Miranda’s already got the G and T of the EGOT. Oscar and Emmys are waiting…


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