Resort 2017: Andrew Gn

The accidental red carpet darling Andrew Gn rose rapidly in the last couple of years from a second tier New York shower to A-lister when Julianna Margulies became obsessed with him, and began landing on everyone’s best dressed list in his creations. It’s shouldn’t really have surprised people. The man describes himself as straddling high culture and pop culture, and when his looks land, they stick it for a perfect set of ten scores across the board.


But as Gn did not start out a red carpet designer, but a day wear one, his collections–especially for the longer term PreFall and Resort seasons–are usually some of the best work we see during the presentation period. There are times when his fabric patterns do feel a touch like they were cribbed from the busy section of the quilting department, but that’s only from afar. Up close, the handiwork that is put into these designs can seem nothing short of remarkable.

And yet, everything is wearable, and not just int he order he presents his pieces. This, like his other off-season work, is filled with workhorse pieces that can be mixed and matched with damn near anything in one’s closet and still hold their own. And though some of the floor length dresses are definitely a little on the busy side, when you get to the final evening wear looks at the end, one can see exactly why his stock is rising when it comes to late summer red carpets like the Emmys. They both look high-end, and yet something that is utterly relatable to those sitting home watching on TV and tweeting along to who is wearing their favorite pieces. Gn’s looks will certainly get high marks.

The full collection–fifty-five looks in all–is below.

02-andrew-gn-resort-17 03-andrew-gn-resort-17 04-andrew-gn-resort-17 05-andrew-gn-resort-17 06-andrew-gn-resort-17 07-andrew-gn-resort-17 08-andrew-gn-resort-17 09-andrew-gn-resort-17 10-andrew-gn-resort-17 11-andrew-gn-resort-17 12-andrew-gn-resort-17 13-andrew-gn-resort-17 14-andrew-gn-resort-17 15-andrew-gn-resort-17 16-andrew-gn-resort-17 17-andrew-gn-resort-17 18-andrew-gn-resort-17 19-andrew-gn-resort-17 20-andrew-gn-resort-17 21-andrew-gn-resort-17 22-andrew-gn-resort-17 23-andrew-gn-resort-17 24-andrew-gn-resort-17 25-andrew-gn-resort-17 26-andrew-gn-resort-17 27-andrew-gn-resort-17 28-andrew-gn-resort-17 29-andrew-gn-resort-17 30-andrew-gn-resort-17 31-andrew-gn-resort-17 32-andrew-gn-resort-17 33-andrew-gn-resort-17 34-andrew-gn-resort-17 35-andrew-gn-resort-17 36-andrew-gn-resort-17 37-andrew-gn-resort-17 38-andrew-gn-resort-17 39-andrew-gn-resort-17 40-andrew-gn-resort-17 41-andrew-gn-resort-17 42-andrew-gn-resort-17 43-andrew-gn-resort-17 44-andrew-gn-resort-17 45-andrew-gn-resort-17 46-andrew-gn-resort-17 47-andrew-gn-resort-17 48-andrew-gn-resort-17 49-andrew-gn-resort-17 50-andrew-gn-resort-17 51-andrew-gn-resort-17 52-andrew-gn-resort-17 53-andrew-gn-resort-17 54-andrew-gn-resort-17 55-andrew-gn-resort-17


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