What Even Is 2016?

You guys.

I swear to god, this commercial played on my TV this morning while I was eating breakfast. This is a real commercial. it is *not*, I repeat it is *not* an SNL skit, despite how much lit looks to be one.

I was not ready for a “post-reality” election. I don’t know what to do with this. It feels like 2016 is becoming the year that the US totally answered the question “Could it possibly get any weirder?”

(According to Gawker, this commercial is only playing in the DC market, so for many of you, this is probably the only way you’ll get to see it–in stand alone YouTube form, like an SNL skit. Let me tell you though, seeing it between a local spot for a plumber and an ad for Farmer’s Insurance like it’s just another 30 second spot is extraordinarily surreal.)


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