Your Daily Kitty Is Going Time Traveling


Hellooooo…. is this bigger on the inside?



4 thoughts

  1. I hope the kitty doesn’t encounter any daleks (or is it “Daleks”) in his/her travels.

    This made me think of Calvin’s transmogrifier. I would think a kitty would be sufficiently self-satisfied that it wouldn’t want to transmogrify into anything else, but it might want to transmogrify all of us into tuna. 🙂

    It’s Friday and i want an afternoon coffee so I can finish out the day. I hope everyone is having a good day, and will have a good weekend.


  2. Will the Kitty be taking a companion, or staff as TimeCats refer to them?
    It is a lovely Friday. Best to all


    1. All thanks to the bringer of the funk! Fridays would be much drearier without the funk and our funky mistress and wrangler of balrogs.


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