Anton Yelchin 1989-2016

First impressions are hard to break, and 2016 certainly did not make a good one, when in it’s first weeks of arrival, it killed off David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Glenn Frey is quick succession. Since then, it feels like we’ve lost too many this year, including Prince and Muhammad Ali in the last couple of months.

But yesterday’s shock announcement that Anton Yelchin had been killed in a freak accident at home when he was run over by his own car was something else entirely. After all, Bowie, and Rickman died of cancer after a long life. Prince and Ali had made their marks and hit their highest highs. But Yelchin was only just at the beginning of his career. At 27, he had launched to Hollywood as Chekov in the now coming up on three Star Trek reboot movies, and had wowed in smaller indie roles in Like Crazy and The Green Room. (The latter of which also starred Star Trek alum Patrick Stewart.)

The shock of Yelchin’s passing hit everyone, from his Star Trek coworkers, to most of Hollywood.

Original actor of the Chekov role, Walter Koenig, is still alive, nd will probably have to give a statement on the passing of the kid who was supposed to take over his part for another generation. Like a parent burying their kid, that’s just backwards.


Now, we should note that there have been a lot of problems with the Star Trek reboot franchise, which has struggled to find it’s footing after the initial movie’s success. The current film, Beyond, sees to be embarrassed to have the Star Trek name anywhere on the posters, and the trailers (which have felt very “Fast and Furious in Space”) The passing of Yelchin may soften the reviews , but the press tour–which is only a month away–is most likely going to be an utter trainwreck, as his cast mates (all of whom are very close) attempt to go through this without him. This may very well spell the end of the movie reboot franchise, as I cannot see the production finding a way to recast the role easily, if at all.


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