Resort 2017: Naeem Khan

The fashion world seems to have decided that Naeem Khan is most likely the next to get a guest invite to the couture world. If Khan believes them, he certainly showed no sign of it with his resort collection this week. Whereas most designers angling for the invite usually double down on whatever it is that makes them couture worthy–like Elie Saab and his evening wear, or Viktor and Rolf and their wearable art–Khan seems to have decided that if Couture is going to come calling, he’s going to need a nice day wear line in his portfolio.


Now, some designers are the type to start in evening, and then slowly develop their day wear lines. Think the Project Runway alumni types, like Christian Siriano, or Zac Posen. Some are the types to start in day wear and slowly teach themselves to do evening. Khan is someone who can do both and quite easily.

Though Khan’s first looks that he got noticed for were evening wear stuff, when his flattering to all body types gowns started finding their way on to the answers given to Ryan Seacrest, he’s always been just as good at day wear with a knack for the feminine casual. That skill was fully on display in this collection, both in his prints and appliques, as well as a few blouses that look like they could easily be show pieces for the office and they cross over to the after work drinks once five pm rolls around.

Not that there weren’t evening gowns on display as well. Khan almost went ultra traditional with this resort collection (though he did not put it out as a runway presentation, thank heavens.) we started in day wear, moved through the red carpet and ended with three looks that could easily work on a  bridal runway. If the Couture world was looking to extend the invite to a designer with that sort of diversity, they’ve come to the right place.

The full collection is below.

02-naeem-khan-resort-17 03-naeem-khan-resort-17 04-naeem-khan-resort-17 05-naeem-khan-resort-17 06-naeem-khan-resort-17 07-naeem-khan-resort-17 08-naeem-khan-resort-17 09-naeem-khan-resort-17 10-naeem-khan-resort-17 11-naeem-khan-resort-17 12-naeem-khan-resort-17 13-naeem-khan-resort-17 14-naeem-khan-resort-17 15-naeem-khan-resort-17 16-naeem-khan-resort-17 17-naeem-khan-resort-17 18-naeem-khan-resort-17 19-naeem-khan-resort-17 20-naeem-khan-resort-17 21-naeem-khan-resort-17 22-naeem-khan-resort-17 23-naeem-khan-resort-17 24-naeem-khan-resort-17 25-naeem-khan-resort-17


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