Your Daily Kitty Snoozles Through Time and Space



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  1. I went to see my doctor today to get my stitches out after my gall bladder removal. And by stitches I mean one stitch. Hooray for Laparoscopic Surgery! BTW, did you know that in the old days of ‘rip you open’ when they removed the gall bladder, they also grabbed the appendix while they were in the neighbourhood so to speak. The old hole was that big.
    Hooray for Laparoscopic Surgery!
    Well my doctor had called in sick. But it is a community practise so I was moved to the doctor next door. I was out seven minutes after my appt was due to start.
    Pretty good start to the day. All healthy and good, sun is shining, yesterday’s tornadoes passed a couple of hours north, all is good.


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