Kermit The Frog Mistaken For Tea Lizard

Dear Good Morning America,

This is Kermit The Frog.

kermit the frog sipping tea

Not a “Tea Lizard.”

For those unaware, the above shot of Kermit T. Frog sipping on some Lipton ice tea from a commercial a few years back is a popular meme on Twitter. “To sip tea” is to coolly observe, or read, gossip in Twitter parlance. The image of Kermit causally sipping his tea, therefore, usually comes up when some celebrity gossip passes through the timeline, usually the type of gossip where the celebrity in question is making an ass of themselves.

Good Morning America, for reasons that are not exactly clear had some very clueless person this morning tweet out the question if the new “Lebron crying” meme from this weekend’s Game 7 win was good enough to join other long-standing memes. The question is, in and of itself, ridiculous. We only know if memes last if they last. Much lie if a viral video is viral for life, or if it is merely a flash in the pan, a la Chewbacca mom.

But in attempting to name said “viral memes” of the past few years, the person in charge proved themselves culturally ignorant in crucial ways. They knew that the picture of Michael Jordan crying was “Jordan crying.” They knew the picture of Jim Carrey in The Mask was “The Mask” (though for reasons that are unclear to me they referred to it as “Smockin’.”)

But not only did they not recognize Kermit, they didn’t even know he was a frog. They called him “Tea Lizard.”

WELP. If “Tea Lizard” wasn’t a meme before, it certainly is now. As of this writing it had completely taken over my Twitter feed, even drowning out today’s antics of Donald Trump.

Perhaps GMA can ask if it too will stand the test of time.


3 thoughts

  1. Clearly passive aggressive response from ABC to their corporate overlords at Disney for being forced to run the dismal ‘Muppets’ reboot.


    1. You know it’s bad when “dismal” and “Muppets” are used in the same sentence…..and it’s accurate. sigh.


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