Resort 2017: Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli has two lines that he does Resort collections for. His second one, the diminutive Giamba, is supposed to be aimed towards a more middlebrow and younger set clientele. For that, his stated inspiration was naturally something the young people are into: snapchat.

His main line though, the eponymous Giambattista Valli is his real baby, as well as the one that presents at Couture week twice a year. Famous for dresses like Rihanna’s Shower Pouf , these are his upper crust looks, and his Resort line is no exception. These are 50+ looks overlayed with stunning detail, heavy floral appliques and day wear that only the most expensive lady who lunches would find in her closet.


Still, it is resort, which means that the shower poufs and the over the top evening wear was almost entirely absent. Not that these looks wouldn’t easily do in a pinch for most evening occasions, as they are already highly expensive and tailored to a “T” looks. The difference for Valli is that resortwear includes useful items, like pant suits, the type of which Hillary Clinton would not even be able to pull off. (They clearly have someone more like Mrs. Amal Clooney in mind.) The dress hems are higher, the cut is more casual. But the fabrics are just as insanely luxe as a normal Spring or Fall runways line, and in line wit the same sort of thing one would expect as the downscale version of his handmade couture designs.

But when a fabric is that high-end, it doesn’t really matter how casual the cut is. It’s the difference between Kate Middleton wearing something that looks casual, and something that looks middle class. Someone like Middleton, who along with hubby Bill, attempt to emulate a normal couple understands she has to eschew in her day-to-day looks, and wear when she’s being photographed wandering around India looking Princess-like. The rest of us can only sigh over them as dreams we’ll never have.

The full collection is below.

02-giambattista-valli-2017 03-giambattista-valli-2017 04-giambattista-valli-2017 05-giambattista-valli-2017 06-giambattista-valli-2017 07-giambattista-valli-2017 08-giambattista-valli-2017 09-giambattista-valli-2017 10-giambattista-valli-2017 11-giambattista-valli-2017 12-giambattista-valli-2017 13-giambattista-valli-2017 14-giambattista-valli-2017 15-giambattista-valli-2017 16-giambattista-valli-2017 17-giambattista-valli-2017 18-giambattista-valli-2017 19-giambattista-valli-2017 20-giambattista-valli-2017 21-giambattista-valli-2017 22-giambattista-valli-2017 23-giambattista-valli-2017 24-giambattista-valli-2017 25-giambattista-valli-2017 26-giambattista-valli-2017 27-giambattista-valli-2017 28-giambattista-valli-2017 29-giambattista-valli-2017 30-giambattista-valli-2017 31-giambattista-valli-2017 32-giambattista-valli-2017 33-giambattista-valli-2017 34-giambattista-valli-2017 35-giambattista-valli-2017 36-giambattista-valli-2017 37-giambattista-valli-2017 38-giambattista-valli-2017 39-giambattista-valli-2017 40-giambattista-valli-2017 41-giambattista-valli-2017 42-giambattista-valli-2017 43-giambattista-valli-2017 44-giambattista-valli-2017 45-giambattista-valli-2017 46-giambattista-valli-2017 47-giambattista-valli-2017 48-giambattista-valli-2017 49-giambattista-valli-2017 50-giambattista-valli-2017 51-giambattista-valli-2017 52-giambattista-valli-2017


One thought

  1. I hope this photo style doesn’t become more popular. The bloated, warped faces really make it hard to focus on the clothes…


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