Resort 2017: Thom Browne

Thom Browne is known for several hallmarks that define his work. The first is the basics–his use of menswear fabrics for women’s wear. one would not think this supremely radical on its face, and yet, when one sees his collection, the fact that he uses fabrics that our eyes are trained to see as masculine draws a distinction between his looks and everyone else’s every time.

The second is his deconstructionist vein that leads him to put on over the top, surrealist looking shows during runways seasons. Even when it’s not runway season, there’s always a penchant for the mad, the bizarre, the unexpected. Browne has a showman’s flair for presentation, and he knows that the fashion world is always looking for something to set a collection apart.


The final hallmark is one that’s only begun recently, after Michelle Obama wore a few of his pieces at high-profile events. As Browne’s name has risen in value, and young ladies begin wearing his outfits to red carpet events, it’s become a thing to have them show up as a phalanx of matching looks. One does not find one young lady at the Met Gala wearing Thom Browne. One finds them in groups, anywhere between four and seven, and all posing together, as if they are afraid if they wear such over the top fashion alone they will stand out too much.

Browne seems to have noticed this trend, as his resort collection photos find that many of them have entire bevvies of models crammed into them. It’s not unusual for photographed presentations such as these to feature two or even three models, sometimes singly, something alone. Some photo presentations will have two models per photo, so that it may be 24 photos, but it’s 48 looks. But Browne has taken that to extremes here, with his photos sometimes containing five or six crowded together. After all, if we’re all insane together no one can tell us we’re mad, can they?
The full collection of fun is below.

02-thom-browne-resort-17 03-thom-browne-resort-17 04-thom-browne-resort-17 05-thom-browne-resort-17 06-thom-browne-resort-17 07-thom-browne-resort-17 08-thom-browne-resort-17 09-thom-browne-resort-17 10-thom-browne-resort-17 11-thom-browne-resort-17 12-thom-browne-resort-17 13-thom-browne-resort-17 14-thom-browne-resort-17 15-thom-browne-resort-17 16-thom-browne-resort-17 17-thom-browne-resort-17 18-thom-browne-resort-17 19-thom-browne-resort-17 20-thom-browne-resort-17 21-thom-browne-resort-17 22-thom-browne-resort-17 23-thom-browne-resort-17 24-thom-browne-resort-17 25-thom-browne-resort-17 26-thom-browne-resort-17


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