A Final Reminder That My Game of Thrones recap

Now lives here.


Once upon a time, Game of Thrones didn’t do proper finales. Those first three seasons, as Benioff and Weiss established the show first as a surprise critical hit, then as an audience driven one, and then into a global phenomenon, the show kept a strange rhythm not seen in other shows that came before–placing the big climax in the penultimate episode, and leaving the finale to basically function as a reset button, where everyone picked up the pieces from the fall out and found their marks to stay on until the show returned the next year. It wasn’t until Season 4, when the show reached the end of Martin’s opening trilogy (and some might argue the coherent part of the novels) that they first did something that amounted to a proper finales, with characters stories reaching their stopping points coinciding with the end of the season, as is more traditional.

Read the rest at WiCNet. 


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