Resort 2017: BCBG Max Azria

I was already over the entire concept of athleisure wear even before project Runway made it their business this spring to make the concept a household word. The entire concept is one that’s annoying as it is–yoga pants for the people who wouldn’t know what yoga was if it came up to them and sun salutationed them in the face. Exercise clothes for the person who would like you to think they are so rich they exercise in something that costs this much.

So when I saw the term ahead of seeing the BCBG Max Azria line, I sighed heavily. The non-bandage dress part of the Azria empire, their looks are usually comfortable and flowy, so the concept probably lent itself to their line naturally. But really–yoga pants for resort?


Not quite–after all, Lubov Azria would not be so obvious. Instead it was a line that looked as if it would not be out of place with their Pre-Fall, or the Resort line from last year. The main difference was the fabric choices, which relied on stretchy, sporty fabrics–though not exclusively on that front either. The basic twill cottons mixed with the sportier lyrcas actually made for an interesting contrast.

There were some places where things got ultra literal. For example, where before she would have designed a halter top as the separate in the three-piece ensemble, now there was an exposed sports bra instead. There was also the trouble of the harnesses. Where most designers have let them trend go quietly into that good night and forgotten about them, they remain a house staple in both the Azria collections, and the mix of the bound look made at times from fabrics whose point is to be ultra comfortable felt like someone was very confused about what they wanted out of life. You know, I want to look like a bondage girl–but comfy.

Still, when it comes to athleisure wear, at least it was interesting. The full collection is below.

02-bcbg-2017 03-bcbg-2017 04-bcbg-2017 05-bcbg-2017 06-bcbg-2017 07-bcbg-2017 08-bcbg-2017 09-bcbg-2017 10-bcbg-2017 11-bcbg-2017 12-bcbg-2017 13-bcbg-2017 14-bcbg-2017 15-bcbg-2017 16-bcbg-2017 17-bcbg-2017 18-bcbg-2017 19-bcbg-2017 20-bcbg-2017 21-bcbg-2017 22-bcbg-2017 23-bcbg-2017 24-bcbg-2017 25-bcbg-2017 26-bcbg-2017 27-bcbg-2017 28-bcbg-2017 29-bcbg-2017


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