Rihanna Based Stark Trek: Beyond Trailer

There are a lot of improvements that have gone into this trailer. Finally, for the first time I do not feel like I am watching a promo for “Fast and Furious in Space.”

But that doesn’t mean I feel liek I’m watching a Star Trek trailer either. In fact, what I feel like I’m watching is a fan cut film, set to Rihanna’s new single that some small time YouTube user made and accidentally got released instead of the trailer.

Even so, it’s such an improvement to what had been released prior to this, I think if it is just accidentally a fan made trailer*, it was the right choice.

(*It is not a fan made trailer. Rihanna aparently has hits in the 23rd century. To be fair, that’s not perhaps as far fetched as one might have once assumed….)

It should also be noted that this trailer comes on the heels of Anton Yelchin’s tragic death last week. Rihanna’s mournful track may not fit in with what most think of “Star Trek” but it does fit the mood of this movie’s release in light of his passing.


One thought

  1. When the title of this was “Stark Trek”, I thought you were doing a Thrones-Trek crossover. Spock would make a good King in the North 😉


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