Resort 2017: Hervé Léger by Max Azria

Ah yes, our regularly scheduled delivery of bandage dresses from Hervé Léger by Max Azria. The Azrias created this line for the sole purpose of giving themselves a dedicated line for the bandage dress after it took off and put them on the map. The problem is, of course, that the line is never anything but.

The Azrias have tried finding new permutations of the bandage dress in recent years–sometimes more successfully than others. But those experimental phases of “What can we do not to bore the audience” usually come when there is a live audience–the runway presentations. The truth is, the rest of the time, there’s no need to fiddle with what works.


To the fashionista looking for the new, the different, the dramatic the “never seen that before,” the Hervé Léger lines for Pre-Fall and Resort are not here for your entertainment. These are the line’s time to go commercial, and let’s face it–every year a new group of  wannabe starlets turn 18, 19, 20 and 21, and every year they go out looking for the dresses that are going to show them off in these prime years in clubs and street appearances and red carpets. Bandage dresses are not old hat for them, because at 18, nothing really is, no matter how jaded they act.

Add to that the fact that every year there are those like Jennifer Lopez hitting 40, or 45 or 50, and desperate to continue to compete and show those young’uns how it’s done. When you see that there are costumers sitting at both ends of the red carpet spectrum, suddenly the bandage dress line is not only timeless, for certain segments of the audience, it will always be timely.

Still, Lubov Azria doesn’t want to bore herself while designing them either. So there are always new flares here and there, a bit of variation on the theme, even if the theme itself is “keep the company solvent.”

Full collection below.

02-herve-leger-resort-17 03-herve-leger-resort-17 04-herve-leger-resort-17 05-herve-leger-resort-17 06-herve-leger-resort-17 07-herve-leger-resort-17 08-herve-leger-resort-17 09-herve-leger-resort-17 10-herve-leger-resort-17 11-herve-leger-resort-17 12-herve-leger-resort-17 13-herve-leger-resort-17 14-herve-leger-resort-17 15-herve-leger-resort-17 16-herve-leger-resort-17 17-herve-leger-resort-17 18-herve-leger-resort-17 19-herve-leger-resort-17 20-herve-leger-resort-17 21-herve-leger-resort-17 22-herve-leger-resort-17 23-herve-leger-resort-17 24-herve-leger-resort-17 25-herve-leger-resort-17 26-herve-leger-resort-17 27-herve-leger-resort-17 28-herve-leger-resort-17 29-herve-leger-resort-17 30-herve-leger-resort-17 31-herve-leger-resort-17 32-herve-leger-resort-17 33-herve-leger-resort-17 34-herve-leger-resort-17


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