Tunes for Tuesday: The Light of The Seven

I am not a movie or TV soundtrack person. There are a few TV themes I’m attached too–like the Downton Abbey opening for instance–but in general I’m not big on dramatic orchestrations that play underneath the drama. It has to be a really well done piece of music placed just right for me to even notice mot of the time….and that’s the way it should be. Unless it’s a musical, the music should be subtly enhancing, not getting in the way aurally.

I have made a couple of exceptions for Game of Thrones. The opening theme, for instance is not only iconic, but had such a strong bone structure that there are literally hundreds of covers, all of them good. Ramin Djawadi, who composed it, and the music that plays during the show is very good at his job. Half the time I don’t even notice the aural cues of this character’s theme or that one. The major exception is Drogon’s Theme, but that’s a piece of music buried in a  larger piece known as “The Dance of Dragons”

It starts about 1:36 into the track. It’s a gorgeous mournful moment, but it’s only the back 90 seconds of the track.

Then “The Light of the Seven” happened last Sunday. And I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since.

It helps that it is very aurally different than anything else Djawadi has done for the show so far, but that’s also part of the point. The scene in King’s Landing that it plays under, you’re supposed to know something is about to go HELLA wrong….and you don’t know what. It’s the best piece of music the show has done this season. I hope it wins an Emmy.


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