Moffat Wants Doctor Who Season 10 To Feel Like A New Show

Starting at Christmas, Moffat will begin his final stint as showrunner on Doctor Who. But unlike his predecessor, Russell T. Davies, who made his last year at the helm of the production one long goodbye, Moffat is going the opposite route. According to Doctor Who Magazine,  he wants this season to feel like the show is starting fresh.

“I want it to feel like Episode 1 of a brand new show.I want to leave just as it’s all beginning… ”

Part of the joy of Doctor Who is that it is a constantly evolving show, because of the format of replacing actors when they wish to leave–the Doctor changes face, the companion heads off, and a new one is invited aboard to keep the Time Lord company.


Though the Doctor had changed in the last two years, he kept companion Clara by his side–the show changed around her (and her character improved 1000 fold for it.) But now that she’s left and a new companion–a girl called Bill–is stepping aboard, it’s an opportunity for Moffat to reboot, and not have to worry if people like it or not. After all, he’s on his way out the door.



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