Resort 2017: Zuhair Murad

As always, we finish our coverage of Resort with Zuhair Murad, the Lebanese designer who specialized in slinky evening gowns, no matter what the season. This is a man for whom the word “daywear” has little meaning–his “causal” looks are so embellished and appliqued, there’s never anything causal about them. His clients are the stars who wear sequins to the grocery store, and let the paparazzi know when they’re heading to Starbucks ahead of time. Murad knows it, and functions accordingly.

The fact is, some evening gown designers never really learn how to make day wear. it’s not in their wheelhouse, it’s not what they’re interested in. I like Murad because he doesn’t give a good goddamn what you think day wear is supposed to be–he’s going to make it as over the top as he wants, because his clients will buy it.


With that in mind , it was a little surprising to see that the faux hippie festival look seemed to have infiltrated Murad’s collection this season. There were even faux jean leggings and pieces that looked like they might have accidentally be categorized as “knitwear.” (They were Chantilly lace, of course.) But not to fear–if Murad was going to actually make a sweatshirt, it wasn’t just going to be any old sweatshirt, but the kind that let everyone know about the rocks that you’ve got while still pretending like you were ever from the block.

Murad claimed he was inspired by David Hamilton’s hippie ingenue photographs from the 1970s, and one could see the correlation–up to a point. After a while Murad just wandered off on his own evening gown flights of fancy, and the only thing tying the collection together was a vague sense of not exactly casual luxury.

The full collection is below.

02-zuhair-murad-2017 03-zuhair-murad-2017 04-zuhair-murad-2017 05-zuhair-murad-2017 06-zuhair-murad-2017 07-zuhair-murad-2017 08-zuhair-murad-2017 09-zuhair-murad-2017 10-zuhair-murad-2017 11-zuhair-murad-2017 12-zuhair-murad-2017 13-zuhair-murad-2017 14-zuhair-murad-2017 15-zuhair-murad-2017 16-zuhair-murad-2017 17-zuhair-murad-2017 18-zuhair-murad-2017 19-zuhair-murad-2017 20-zuhair-murad-2017 21-zuhair-murad-2017 22-zuhair-murad-2017 23-zuhair-murad-2017 24-zuhair-murad-2017 25-zuhair-murad-2017 26-zuhair-murad-2017 27-zuhair-murad-2017 28-zuhair-murad-2017 29-zuhair-murad-2017 30-zuhair-murad-2017 31-zuhair-murad-2017 32-zuhair-murad-2017 33-zuhair-murad-2017 34-zuhair-murad-2017 35-zuhair-murad-2017 36-zuhair-murad-2017 37-zuhair-murad-2017 38-zuhair-murad-2017 39-zuhair-murad-2017 40-zuhair-murad-2017 41-zuhair-murad-2017 42-zuhair-murad-2017 43-zuhair-murad-2017 44-zuhair-murad-2017 45-zuhair-murad-2017 46-zuhair-murad-2017


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