Your Daily Kitty Pauses for Paws



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  1. Canada Day Tomorrow, Independence Day on Monday, everyone have a great weekend and keep your pets safe during fireworks.


  2. In a delicious House of Cards twist, Boris Johnson who supported Brexit to weaken Cameron so he could become Hand of the Queen Prime Minister had been backstabbed by Michael Gove. Gove had previously backstabbed Cameron by supporting Brexit while in Cameron’s cabinet.
    Gove had promised Boris he would run Boris’s campaign for PM, then turned around and announced for himself before Boris could get in, thus forcing Boris out.
    Meanwhile Jeremy (the High Sparrow) Corbyn, facing a revolt amongst the Faithful is stockpiling Wildfyre in the Guy Fawkes memorial cellars.


    1. Gove had lined up many leading Tory Bannerman to support Boris for Hand of the Queen. As soon as he announced, surprise, most defected to Gove’s Banner in minutes.
      Gove to Boris: You should have known not to trust me.


    2. You’re the second person I know who have compared the shenanigans in the UK to Game of Thrones. I wonder if someone has made a Game of Thrones/Brexit video mashup yet?

      Also, funny but not: someone sent me a tweet of Merry and Pippin from LOTR with the caption “What about second Brexit?” I laughed, even though it’s not funny, really.


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