Patrick Stewart’s Latest Role: “Cowboy Pat”

On July 4th, I roused myself from my knitting, my poolside lounge chair and my delicious food and consented to look upon the internet. And to my horror, Patrick Stewart was trending on Twitter.

In 2016, that’s only meant one thing–a celebrity has passed. But by the grace of god, in fact Patrick Stewart was alive and well and…. He’d just announced he was putting out a country album.


Yes, little doggies and dog…ladies. Patrick Stewart has decided for his next role, he will not play a Starfleet captain or a mutant or even a Shakepearian figurehead complete with period costumes. Nope, he’s going to fulfill the lifelong dream every little boy who grew up in the 1950s and 1960s had and be a cowboy.

Now this isn’t completely serious–he’s not going full Shatner on us. (I believe the phrase “Never go full Shatner” would apply here.) The faux albums he’s promoting here, Cowboy Classics Volume 1 and 2, are listed as “sold out on vinyl and cassette,” if you head to the website PStewSings.

But said website does have an EP for sale. There are five tracks of such classics as “I’m and Old Cowhand,” “Don’t Fence Me In,” “Buttons and Bows,” “Ringo,” and “Here Comes Santa Claus.” (That last one should become a Star Trek nerd go to for this year’s coming Christmas party.) It’s called the “Cowboy Classics Sampler,” with him on lead vocals–not unlike his predecessor at the Enterprise helm once did years ago.

Except, unlike Shatner, this is for charity. Because of course it is. All proceeds go to the International Rescue Committee. (For those unfamiliar, the IRC is one of those who are front and center on the global refugee crisis due to the conflict in Syria. Check out their website to see their excellent work.)


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