Simplicity Introduces New Cosplay Pattern Lines

In another development proving that the 21st century is both more wonderful and yet stranger than expected, Simplicity Patterns, the company that has been making clothing patterns for the home sewer for almost 90 years has bowed to the reality that today’s home sewer isn’t making ready to wear anymore. Instead they’re making cosplay.

This has certainly been the reality I’ve known since the mid 90s, when I was first taught to use an old 1960s era sewing machine in order to help make Starfleet uniforms. After all, despite some of my “editing” of my own cloths–turning jeans into raver pants, or 60s revival hippie bellbottoms, the truth was, most of us who wanted something that could not be bought in stores wanted them because we were dressing ourselves like our favorite characters going to conventions.


Back then of course, cosplay was something that nerds didn’t talk about in school. It would be another 15 years before Lord of the Rings even made it acceptable enough for Game of Thrones to come along a decade later. Of course, nowadays, with the Superhero era of entertainment still showing no signs of wearing out its welcome, cosplay is practically mainstream–and that’s caused Simplicity to sit up and notice that most of the people who are buying their patterns are doing so in order to have something with which to approximate what their favorite superheroes are wearing.

But why approximate, when you can buy the proper thing outright? To that end, the pattern company has teamed up with both Marvel and DC comics to make licensed patterned to sell to the homesewer looking to make themselves or their loved ones their own Deadpool outfit to wear to the next convention. (DC may be behind in the movie franchise game, but are savvy in the marketing department.)

Check out a few of the patterns:

simplicity-costumes-pattern-8236-envelope-front simplicity-costumes-pattern-8196-envelope-front simplicity-costumes-pattern-1038-envelope-front simplicity-costumes-pattern-8197-envelope-front simplicity-costumes-pattern-8199-envelope-front simplicity-costumes-pattern-8200-envelope-front

Note those last two are not in conjunction with those who own the rights–the Assassin’s Creed is listed as “Gaming Warrior” costume and the two Doctor Who outfits are merely “Misses Costumes.” Let’s hope that perhaps the Great British Sewing Bee does a cosplay episode and encourages the BBC to get with Simplicity to do officially licensed outfits.


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