Beyoncé Posts Call To Action, Crashes Congressional Website

I don’t need to recap the last 48 hours of news for you, right? The rolling news channels have that covered, as does most of Twitter and social media. Depending on who you watch and follow probably shades which way you lean on who or what is to blame, but the facts remain the same. People died because of racism and the prevalence of guns in this country, we know about it because of the ever-increasing ease of connectedness on social media, and our polarized viewpoints on what we see make us all feel helpless to do anything about it.

But you can do something. You can contact your congressmen, your local government representatives, and you can remind them that you sent them to office to do something when things go badly. It may seem hard to remember that in the moment. Which is why it was so valuable that someone with the global message reach of Beyoncé decided yesterday to post on the front page of her website a message to remind everyone of this fact.


At the end of her post, there was a direct link to the nonprofit website “Contacting the” to get the contact information for your representative. Within an hour, the site was so overwhelmed with people trying to load it, it crashed, and remained that way for the rest of the afternoon. (It’s back up this morning. Feel free to use it and tell your representatives that it’s time to do something both on police violence and gun control if you’d like.)

Meanwhile, Beyoncé performed last night in Glasgow, and dedicated her performance of “Freedom” to the victims of police violence–and she did it a cappella, which is how she did it in the Lemonade video cut, and I wish was how it was on the album version. The wall of names began with Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.


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