Paris Couture Fall 2016: Fendi

It’s funny how the small details add up to the larger picture. Only a week ago, we were looking over Lagerfeld’s work at the Chanel brand, which was a paean to the brand’s hard work behind the scenes as much as it was about the clothes. But then, only a few days–and a continent or two later–we see him over at Fendi, marking one of his own milestones: his 90th birthday.

In front of the famous Italian Trevi Fountain from La Dolce Vita, the Fendi brand staged one of their most breath-taking looking shows since they showed on the Great Wall of China a decade ago. Everyone was there, from the designers of the other houses, to yet another face of the Kardashian clan, model Kendall Jenner, who opened the show.


Of course, the difference usually between Fendi and Chanel is that the Chanel shows are all about the staging, while the Fendi shows are all about the clothes–and the fur and the accessories first and foremost. Not this time. since the show was on a stage that rivals anything Chanel has ever done, it was more about the fountain, the lighting and the overall atmosphere than it was about the models and their trappings–at least this time.

And that’s just a tiny bit tragic because if there was one thing to focus on–and nearly impossible to do so from seats so far away–it was the shoes. Gorgeous Edwardian footwear with silken high heels boots that would make Lady Mary Crawley weep from lust. Forget the fur, especially if that’s not your thing, and check out pair after pair of the most glorious ankle boots this side of World War I, and thank heavens that at least something from the era Lagerfeld was born in made it to 2016 along with him.

The full line is below.

Fendi-02 Fendi-03 Fendi-04 Fendi-05 Fendi-06 Fendi-07 Fendi-08 Fendi-09 Fendi-10 Fendi-11 Fendi-12 Fendi-13 Fendi-14 Fendi-15 Fendi-16 Fendi-17 Fendi-18 Fendi-19 Fendi-20 Fendi-21 Fendi-22 Fendi-23 Fendi-24 Fendi-25 Fendi-26 Fendi-27 Fendi-28 Fendi-29 Fendi-30 Fendi-31 Fendi-32 Fendi-33 Fendi-34 Fendi-35 Fendi-36 Fendi-37 Fendi-38 Fendi-39 Fendi-40 Fendi-41 Fendi-42 Fendi-43 Fendi-44 Fendi-45 Fendi-46


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