Poldark Season 2 Finally Gets a Return Date

There is a very large, very shirtless Aidan Turner shaped hole in my life currently. Poldark Season 2 wrapped filming in time to air on the BBC this past spring as Season 1 did a year ago. Why exactly the BBC decided to hold it until fall was a mystery at the time. But as the start date for filming Season 3 grows closer every day, the lack of Season 2 having even aired yet became more pronounced.

Now, finally, we have confirmation when Poldark will return to the BBC: Sunday, September 4th, 2016 at 9pm….. directly opposite where ITV has penciled in their Downton Abbey replacement Victoria.

poldark shirtless

That sound you heard was my Sunday night recapping schedules crashing headlong into each other. And I thought Game of Thrones followed by Mad Men was bad. Someone call Hermione  Granger and get me a time turner.

According to The Telegraph, no one is happy about this–especially producers Mammoth Screen, who are the company behind both productions. “It is understood that Damien Timmer, head of the production company, has appealed to both broadcasters to try to avoid the shows overlapping, but his pleas have so far fallen on deaf ears.”


The Telegraph is under the impression that ITV would be the loser in this match up, as Poldark is already an established property with one hit season under their belt, as well as a long and storied history of popularity, whereas ITV has….Jenna Coleman in a totally untested property. Not to knock Coleman, but her first season on Doctor Who was so widely panned, that The first episode of the new Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, required a scene completely apologising for it. And, as I noted in the Victoria clip the other week, the one ITV put out for UK viewers was far less promising than the one Masterpiece Theater gave us over here in the US.

This will not be the first time the BBC has tried to show their muscle against ITV, as The Night Manager went up against  ITV’s Doctor Thorne this past spring. ITV has not confirmed Victoria for Sunday nights at 9pm starting on the 4th, suggesting they could as yet blink the face of pressure. Perhaps we will be lucky and they will at least move it back an hour to 10pm.

At least we can be assured that PBS and Masterpiece Theater will not have this conflict when it comes time to re-air the two period pieces, since–unless they have a time turner, or perhaps borrow the TARDIS from BBC America–the laws of time and space prevent it.


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