Project Runway Season 15 Still Without Start Date

Has anyone seen the promotional press package for Project Runway? Lifetime seems to have dropped the ball on it again.

It’s July 12th, for those who haven’t looked at the little right hand corner of their computer screens in the last hour. (Happy Prime day everyone!) Long ago, back when Project Runway was on Bravo, this would have been the week the show returned, in order to be down to the last six contestants for so before NY Fashion Week. This way, they would show the final three, plus two or three dummy collections to the assembled fashion press. Since moving the Lifetime, the date has shifted back. The last few years have seen the summer season start  either the third or fourth week of July, with last year coming as late a the first week of August. But even so, the cast and the premiere date are usually out by now. (Noted: last year, they actually arrived July 14th, so perhaps we will be lucky and have them arrive hours after I post this.)

Part of the reason for asking where the line up, and the start date are is due to Lifetime’s seemingly disinterested nature of promoting the show. More than once, I have spoken to people the day the show returns to hear genuine surprise. And considering the huge investment Lifetime just sank into the program, renewing it through 2020, as well as renewing Project Runway: Junior and Project Runway: All Stars, one would think they would have a vested interest in allowing the audience to be aware of when the show returned.

There’s also the little mentioned fact of Tim’s extreme displeasure with last year’s crop of contestants. Though Ashley’s win was one of the most high-profile they’ve managed in some time, and her coverage by the fashion press this spring suggests she will be savvy about using this as a launch pad, a la Christian Siriano, the rest of the group seemed lackluster. And the fact that the runner up was less “designer” than “very savvy reality show contestant” suggested that casting might be given too much say in which skill sets are more important.

And then there’s this:

As we know, Project Runway is produced on the cheap with more one day challenges than fashion wows. But even so the idea that it hasn’t even been a month since they did start taping suggests that–with Lifetime having finally managed to learn that just because the contestant is still left on the show during the week that the Fashion Week presentation happens, doesn’t mean they have to walk a presentation–perhaps they have unmoored themselves completely. If so, the show could not return until mid-August without worrying about it.

At least we have the promise of one returning character who every loves. Happy Birthday Swatch!


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