Doctor Who Brings Aboard An Adventure In Time and Space Producer

The pieces are dropping into place for the continuation of Doctor Who after Steven Moffat leaves the series at the end of next season. Though it was Moffat’s departure that made headlines, we also noticed at the time that his long-standing executive producer would be exiting with him. Brian Minchin, who has been executive producing the show since the 50th anniversary year will be heading out to work on new projects. In his stead, Matt Strevens will be stepping into the role when showrunner Chris Chibnall takes over, starting in Season 11.

Strevens is a savvy pick for the Who team, since he oversaw one of the best productions to come out of the 50th Anniversary year, the BBC America created movie An Adventure in Time and Space. The TV movie was a dramatization of Doctor Who‘s first years on air, and how the concept of the “regenerating” lead actor came about after the original Doctor, William Hartnell began to suffer from arteriosclerosis to the point that he could no longer memorize his lines.

Meanwhile, Doctor Who Season 10 continues to film apace with the production tweeting out this photo today of the newest companion, Bill, running pell mell at the Doctor for a hug. Looks like our 12th Doctor is going to have to learn how to be a hugger on the double. She means business.

As for those rumors that Matt Smith might return after Moffat’s exit, I have not weighed in, partly because it is not clear from the articles if Capaldi would regenerating back into Smith (unregenerate?) as some are saying, or if Smith would return as the 11th Doctor, perhaps in a set of stand alone specials. The latter idea I am all for–especially if it leads to opening up a way to have not only Smith return, but Tennant as the 10th Doctor and, most importantly, Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor. As we saw during the 50th Anniversary year, there is quite a bit of untapped potential in McGann, who only got to step into the role once, in the Americanized TV movie. Any chance to find a way to work backwards int he timeline and tell some extra stories from these former Doctors would be welcome.


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