Sherlock Season 4 Gets New Cast Member

BBC One has released the first promotional shot from the upcoming fourth (and perhaps final) season of their modern-day reimagining of Sherlock Holmes. And it looks like Benedict Cumberbatch’s title character has gone off and gotten himself a new friend for at least one of the three episodes.

Remember, when you can’t find humans who will be friends with you….

There’s always puppies.

For those who are protesting Sherlock Holmes doesn’t have a dog, no, he doesn’t have one that lives with him, but in The Sign of Four, he does have Toby. Toby isn’t his per se. He’s owned by a “Mr Sherman,” who Watson says “keeps a menagerie of creatures at No. 3 Pinchin Lane in Lambeth.” Toby is also supposed to be the ugliest mutt you ever saw, but Sherlock swears by him and asks for him by name when he decides he needs a dog.

Moffat’s taken liberties from here to the other side of the world with Sherlock, so it’s not surprising if this is Toby, he’s a purebred looking bloodhound type, and probably will wind up at 221B Baker Street (especially now that Watson has gone off and married.)

Oh, and for the record, Steve Moffat has come out and is giving wide hints that Cumberbatch and Freeman are planning on this being the final run of episodes.

“I don’t know how long we can keep it going. I’m personally willing but I’m hardly the main draw. I would be moderately surprised if this was the last time we ever made this show. But it absolutely could be.”

I’m not that surprising. Moffat’s also moving on from Doctor Who, it seems like he’s sort of worked through this chapter of his directing life and is ready to move on to….well, something else, at any rate.


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