CBS’s Star Trek TV Series Will Be on Netflix

Are you a huge Star Trek fan? Were you not looking forward to having to sign up and pay for yet another goddamn streaming channel that CBS was trying to force down our throats just to watch the new Star Trek TV show? Well, you’re in luck, because Netflix has just rescued us from all having to stream from yet another place we have not streamed before.

As you may have heard (and all Star Trek fans certainly have) CBS, which has the TV rights to the franchise (as opposed to Paramount, which has movie rights), is launching the first small screen series of Trek since Enterprise died a largely ignored death in 2005. And as you also may have heard, only the pilot episode will be airing on terrestrial/digital based televisions. The rest of the season will be available via CBS’s All Access, the brand new streaming channel they’ve been looking to launch, as more and more households cut cable all together and stream their shows a la carte.trek-cbs

For many fans–especially the older group who have not cut their cable cords, the idea of saddling ourselves with yet another streaming channel for $9.99 (or whatever they’re charging) seemed like a bridge too far. But now, we have been handed a reprieve. Netflix has signed a deal to bring the show to their streaming site.

There’s only one catch–it’s not US Netflix. It’s everyone else’s Netflix. According to Vulture:

Bryan Fuller’s Star Trek series will also make the voyage home to Netflix — at least outside the United States. Netflix announced today that episodes of the new television series will be available globally (except to users in the U.S. or Canada) within 24 hours of its U.S. debut. For those who live in the Great White North, Bell Media has announced plans to debut the premiere on CTV, with later episodes premiering on Canadian cable channels Space and Z, as well as Bell’s streaming service CraveTV.

This is good news in that it means that CBS will probably make back the cost of making the show through Netflix, so even if they’re not making major money through the streaming site, they have an incentive to go to Season 2 anyway. That’s good news, since most Star Trek shows don’t actually find their footing until Season 3. And if the rumors are true this show is an anthology, it may need all the time it can get.

So for those of us who have figured out how to stream Netflix without the global restrictions, we have a way to see Star Trek without having to sign up for CBS All Access (which apparently only boasts a Good Wife spin-off as its other premium programming.) For everyone else, there’s always torrenting.


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