Stephen Colbert Returns to Late Night

In 2014 Stephen Colbert hung up being Stephen Colbert, and moved to network prime time. He hasn’t been bad off since arriving there, but with the GOP imploding in a horror show of Trumpin’ bizarre behavior, I’ve missed him. I’ve missed him and Jon Stewart, to be honest. But Jon Stewart has at least left my television for good. Stephen Colbert is still there….not taking advantage of the comedic material that made him so great for so many years.

It looks like someone at CBS noticed. And they decided–just as a test run–to let the old Stephen Colbert out of his cage, to leave his mark, and The Word, upon the landscape once more. (I am under the impression that if this goes as viral as Colbert’s first early “The Word” did back in 2005, CBS may allow him to bring out this beloved and clearly very missed character more often over the course of the next few months.

But there’s only one man who can bring Stephen Colbert back to TV. And that’s the man who gave him a show in the first place.

I admit, I laughed so hard I cried. And if the audience’s ecstatic reaction to his entrance is anything to go by, I wasn’t the only one.

Not that his own stand up speech afterwards wasn’t good. But the comparison shows why CBS needs to have him do this more often.

There is one thing that getting away from the Colbert character has done though, which is give Colbert room to invent new characters–like his take on the Ryan Seacrest figure in The Hunger Games.

And finally, let’s let Colbert do what he does best when he’s not in the Colbert character. A musical number.


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