Stephen Colbert Continues His Roll

Last night, Stephen Colbert continued his march to ratings glory and renewed cultural relevance, by having Laura Benanti on as Melania Trump to give a speech expressing how much she does not plagiarize.

The impersonation was bang on, and I wouldn’t be surprised if SNL suddenly find themselves bringing on Benanti as a guest star for the fall campaign season….

Meanwhile, Keegan Michael Key stopped by and played correspondent to Colbert’s host in the sort of Daily Show type segments we used to depend on to get us through these campaign seasons.

Turning The Late Show into a hybrid of the old Daily Show and The Colbert Report–at least through November–might actually be the way for Colbert to go. It’s the leg up he has on everyone else. (Jimmy Fallon’s SNL Trump type sketch last night simply couldn’t begin to measure up.) And in a campaign season where everything seems to have become the worst, comedic relief–relentless bullshit slicing comedic relief, the kind that SNL no longer brings and the rest of the Late Night shows don’t have the experience doing–might be exactly what every last American ordered.


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