“For the Love Of Spock” Trailer

Though in comparison to the BBC’s year long celebration of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the celebration for the same  anniversary of Star Trek may feel thin, for some, this is the perfect time to jump in on the renewed interest in the series. The new movie, Star Trek: Beyond, has gotten good reviews despite itself and its marketing campaign which seemed ashamed to admit it was a Star Trek movie. (This seems to be because it is decidedly not Star Trek Into Darkness.) The TV show is coming to CBS.

And now, we have a documentary on the life of Leonard Nimoy, who passed away in February of last year. Directed by his son, Adam Nimoy, it was kickstartered into existence, and will available to watch on-line starting September 9th. (They are also releasing it to theaters, but only in limited distribution.)

As this was a project funded with fan love, it is also a documentary made with love. What I’m saying is, if you don’t have tissues handy, go grab a box before you press “play.”


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